Saturday, 6 June 2015

William Cuffay's poetic gift from the Chartists

By October 1849, the London Chartist William Cuffay was already on board the convict ship the Adelaide, heading for Australia, where he would spend the rest of his life.
Cuffay had been arrested in the wake of the Orange Tree conspiracy of August 1848, found guilty at the Central Criminal Court of “treason felony” and sentenced to 14 years in exile. In fact, he would never return to England. But his comrades in the Chartist movement did not forget him.

Time to rebuild Chartist Ancestors - wish me luck

There may be some disruption to the Chartist Ancestors website over the summer. If so, I apologise, and can only suggest you try again later.

I built the site way back in 2003 - long enough ago in real life, but almost into pre-history for a website. But since then, while the site has grown and added pages, photos and other resources, it has not really evolved to keep pace with technology.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Chartism Day 2015: Newcastle upon Tyne, Saturday 13 June

Venue: Armstrong Building, University of Newcastle

9.45–10.00 Introduction and Welcome (Joan Allen)

10.00–10.45 Philip Lockley, ‘Chartism and millennial religion’

11.15–12.00 Sara Daly, ‘Trails to Trials’ (Chair: Les James)

12.00–1.00 Malcolm Chase, ‘“Brothers under Oppression”: Chartists and the Canadian Rebellions of 1837–38’

  • Alice Denham, ‘John Skelton: Socialist, Chartist and Herbalist’
  • Rachel Buckley, ‘“Coming forward manfully for the  cause of liberty”: Mary Ann Walker and Susanna Inge as public women during the Chartist movement’

3.45–4.45 Simon Rennie, ‘Re-forming for Reform: Political: implications of revision, re–publication, and  pseudonymity in the poetry of Ernest Jones’

Everyone is welcome and admission is FREE. Those wishing to attend are asked to register by Friday 5 June for catering purposes: a simple email to the organiser JoanAllen will suffice. Precise timings of the programme may change slightly.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Remarkable Reynolds: celebrating the 200th birthday of a Chartist

G W M Reynolds' birthday cake (made by Kathy Newport
of Cracking Cakes)
The Chartist journalist and author G W M Reynolds was a sociable chap, who every year for two decades closed down his Reynolds Newspaper business for two days to take the entire staff for an annual “festival” of food, drink and games.

So hopefully he would have appreciated the celebration of his life and work held to mark his bicentenary at the weekend which culminated in sparkling wine all round and a slice of 200th birthday cake.

George William McArthur Reynolds was by turns a prominent teetotal campaigner and ardent opponent of the teetotal cause, a religious sceptic, lifelong republican, Chartist orator and journalist, and quite possibly the most prolific author of the Victorian era.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Remarkable Reynolds: join the bicentenary celebration

Here is an update from the organisers of the Remarkable Reynolds event taking place on 26 July 2014. Full details below if you would like to go along...

'Remarkable Reynolds: Dickens's Radical Rival', Saturday 26th July 2014, Westminster Archives Centre

We are delighted to announce that 'Remarkable Reynolds: Dickens's Radical Rival' will now close with cake and a wine reception to toast Reynolds's Bicentenary. See