Friday, 2 March 2012

The poetry of Chartism analysed

More than 1,000 poems appeared in the pages of the Northern Star, the principal Chartist newspaper, from its launch in 1838 to closure in 1852. This body of work, possibly constituting the most widely read collection of poetry in the Victorian era, is now examined in a new book, titled The Poetry of Chartism. 

The Poetry of Chartism, by Dr Mike Sanders of the University of Manchester, is the first full-length study of the Northern Star's poetry column. It analyses the interplay between politics, aesthetics and history in the aftermath of the Newport insurrection (1839), during the mass strikes of 1842 and the year of European revolutions (1848). 

The Poetry of Chartism is published by Cambridge University Press. More information about it can be found on the CUP website. The University of Manchester has also issued a press release in which Dr Sanders explains how “ Victorian poets brought Manchester to the brink” during the heady days of the 1842 general strike. 

The Poetry of Chartism is being launched on Thursday 26 March at a reception in Manchester Central Library. Dr Sanders will be kicking events off with a talk on "Rebel poets - Chartist poets" at 5pm. Further information from Libby Tempest on 0161 234 1981.

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