Friday, 1 May 2015

Chartism Day 2015: Newcastle upon Tyne, Saturday 13 June

Venue: Armstrong Building, University of Newcastle

9.45–10.00 Introduction and Welcome (Joan Allen)

10.00–10.45 Philip Lockley, ‘Chartism and millennial religion’

11.15–12.00 Sara Daly, ‘Trails to Trials’ (Chair: Les James)

12.00–1.00 Malcolm Chase, ‘“Brothers under Oppression”: Chartists and the Canadian Rebellions of 1837–38’

  • Alice Denham, ‘John Skelton: Socialist, Chartist and Herbalist’
  • Rachel Buckley, ‘“Coming forward manfully for the  cause of liberty”: Mary Ann Walker and Susanna Inge as public women during the Chartist movement’

3.45–4.45 Simon Rennie, ‘Re-forming for Reform: Political: implications of revision, re–publication, and  pseudonymity in the poetry of Ernest Jones’

Everyone is welcome and admission is FREE. Those wishing to attend are asked to register by Friday 5 June for catering purposes: a simple email to the organiser JoanAllen will suffice. Precise timings of the programme may change slightly.

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