Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Event to mark the life and legacy of Mark Hovell

From the Manchester Evening News 17 August 1916
I am really pleased to learn that the life and legacy of the Chartist historian Mark Hovell is to be marked by an event organised by the University of Manchester as part of its first world war series.

This year marks the centenary of Hovell's death, but it was only a matter of days ago that I was writing about Hovell's contribution to the study of Chartism and noting the photograph of him that I had stumbled across in a second-hand copy of his book.

Hovell was born in Manchester in 1888, and had been a student and later a lecturer at the University of Manchester specialising in nineteenth century history. He had almost completed his book on the history of Chartism when he was called to the front line in France in July 1916.

Before leaving for France, he entrusted his manuscript to his friend and mentor, Professor Thomas Tout, with the request that, should anything happen to him, Tout would see the book through to publication.

Hovell died one month later while rescuing his men from the fumes of a mine explosion. His manuscript was completed by Tout, who had it published, as The Chartist Movement, in 1918.

Hovell’s work was a pioneering study that contributed enormously to the wider study of nineteenth century political and social history.

Organised as part of the University of Manchester’s first world war series, the planned event will mark the centenary of Hovell’s death and serve as an opportunity to reflect on the life, work and legacy of this forgotten Manchester born scholar and soldier.

It is to take place from 3pm to 5pm on Thursday 9 June 2016 at the People's History Museum

Speakers will include Professor Malcolm Chase (University of Leeds), Professor Ian Wood (University of Leeds), Dr Henry Miller (University of Manchester), and Dr Michael Sanders (University of Manchester).

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