Wednesday, 23 March 2016

City of London female Chartists divided

So much information has now come to light about the City of London Chartist Susanna Inge that I have had had to reorganise a whole section of the Chartist Ancestors website, creating three pages where once there was one.

You will now find separate pages on:
Susanna Inge – secretary of the City of London Female Charter Association;
Mary Ann Walker – lecturer for the Chartist cause; and separately on the
City of London Female Charter Association.

It is impossible to write on any one of these three topics without also including substantial detail of the other two. I have tried to break up the material as logically as possible to make it more readable, but inevitably that means there is a certain amount of repetition.

Fortunately, I think there is more than enough new information on each of these pages to make the read worthwhile, from the launch of the association to its final demise amid obvious disagreements among the members.

Writing about the City of London Female Charter Association has also set me off on a new tack. All its meetings were held at 55 Old Bailey, in the Chartist meeting rooms there. I began to wonder what those rooms were like and how they were used by the Chartist movement as a whole.

My next update to Chartist Ancestors will look at the story of meeting rooms as a Chartist venue.

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