Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Chartism Day 2016: time to regiser

This event has now taken place. Here's a report on the day,

The annual Chartism Day conference returns to Chester this year. The event takes place on Saturday 11 June and all are welcome – but please register beforehand via this email link.

Taking place at the University of Chester Department of History and Archaeology, speakers include:

  • Kate Bowan (Canberra): The Marseillaise and British radicalism
  • Victoria Clarke (Leeds): Pledges and pint pot politics: journalistic representations of the rise of temperance Chartism 
  • Jacob Dengate (Aberystwyth): The “time honoured humbug of our ancestors”: Helen Macfarlane’s critique of the British constitution and late Chartism, 1849-50 
  • Josh Gibson (Cambridge): Chartism and the age of democratic revolutions
  • Katrina Navickas (Hertfordshire): The meanings of space and place in the Chartist movement
  • Paul Pickering (Canberra): ‘The Celestial Empire’: Chartists and the Far East 
  • Matthew Roberts (Sheffield): Chartism and Repeal: parallel movements 
  • Michael Sanders (Manchester): 'Tilting with the Parsons': Chartism's challenge to the Churches, 1840-1842 
For further details or to register contact Dr Michael Huggins via email.