Friday 18 August 2023

Three Chartist tankards: make mine a quart

 'Lot 473. A set of three graduated personalised pewter tankards engraved with the symbol of the Chartists'.

A larger version of this and other pictures can be found at the link below.

Over the years it has become more and more difficult to find Chartist memorabilia up for sale. So when I spotted these at auction I had to have them.

Slightly dented, and tarnished with age (and aren't we all), these three engraved pewter tankards are a solid link back to the days when men and women turned out in their thousands to hear big name speakers spread the message of Chartism at great monster meetings.

After all, what better way to thank the speaker than by presenting them publicly with a keepsake of their visit to your town which stressed the readiness of its radical population to fight for the Charter.

I have written about the tankards, what I think they are and what I think the inscription tells us on the Chartist Ancestors website. Go here to read it.

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