Friday, 2 March 2012

Chartist land company list up to 5,000 names

How has this been achieved? Well, fortunately someone familiar with Dr Jamie Bronstein’s database remembered the Ashton list being rather longer than it appeared on Chartist Ancestors. So, I went back to the original spreadsheet and found that I had lost a huge chunk of names while converting it to a more recent version of Excel.
Up until today’s revision, the published list included all those subscribers registered at 1 May 1847, but none of those who had signed up when the register was updated on 17 July the same year.
The addition means that, in total, some 5,075 subscribers to the Chartist Land Company from 11 Lancashire towns now appear on Chartist Ancestors.
The picture below shows Heronsgate, the first of six Chartist land colonies, which was renamed O'Connorville after the Chartist leader Feargus O'Connor.