Friday, 2 March 2012

Putting Chartism on the map

I have added a feature called Chartism on the Map to the Chartist Ancestors home page. It’s also shown below
This makes use of Google Maps and includes a series of icons to show where some of the great events of Chartism took place. Click on an icon and you will get a little more information, and a link to relevant pages on Chartist Ancestors where possible.
The available logos are limited, but I have tried to select ones that make some sort of sense:
  •        a fire symbol for Chartist rebellions and revolts;
  •       two walkers for marches and monster meetings;
  •      a building for court cases, and so on.
The map is a work in progress, so many events are not yet mapped, and you will need to click on the view larger map link (below the map) to be able to zoom in and out and move around the country. Otherwise, the icons do look a little crowded.

View Larger Map