Friday, 2 March 2012

Labour History Review focus on Chartism

The latest issue of the Labour History Review is given over entirely to a series of articles on Chartism, and is well worth getting hold of if you can. 

Some of the best known academics in the field of Chartist studies (some of whom appear elsewhere on Chartist Ancestors) have contributed articles, including:
  • An editorial on new directions in Chartist studies by Joan Allen and Owen R Ashton;
  • French Revolution or Peasants Revolt? Petitioners and Rebels in England from the Blanketeers to the Chartists by Robert Poole;
  • Hearts and Minds: The Politics of Everyday Life and Chartism, 1832-1840 by  Robert G. Hall;
  • “Songs for the Millions”: Chartist Music and Popular Aural Tradition by Kate Bowan and Paul A. Pickering;
  • “Labour's Candidates”: Chartist Challenges at the Parliamentary Polls,1829-1860 by Malcolm Chase;
  •  Exclusive Dealing in the Chartist Movement by Peter Gurney; and
  •  Late Chartism in the Potteries,1848-1858 by Robert Fyson.
Labour History Review is the journal of the Society for the Study of Labour History. It is published by Maney Publishing. Details of how to obtain it can be found here.

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