Friday, 2 March 2012

Tracing your Chartist and Labour movement ancestors

I have a book coming out in the autumn. Tracing Your Labour Movement Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians is aimed at anyone wanting to look into the trade union and labour aspects of their family history, and also has a big chunk on Chartism. 

The book will be out in the autumn. The first half offers a canter through 200 years of trade union history, which aims to give some context for anyone carrying out their family history research, and offers a guide to the records that survive, what they show and where they can be found. 

I then go on to chapters on Chartism, the Labour Party and its predecessors, other labour movement parties (such as the Communist Party of Great Britain), and some of the many cultural and social bodies that have their roots in the movement – from Labour Sunday Schools to the Left Book Club. 

I don't know of any other family history books that cover the trade union and labour movement, so hopefully a few family historians will be sufficiently attracted by the idea of this new avenue of research to splash out a few pounds on buying it!

You can order the book by clicking Tracing Your Labour Movement Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians.

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