Saturday 30 September 2023

All about that place: the Newport Rising

I was delighted to be asked to take part in the rolling online festival organised to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Society for One-Place Studies. 

My ten-minute video looked at the Newport Rising of 1839, its place in Chartism, and some of the places people might want to visit to find out more about what happened on that fateful day in November.

Here’s the video…

The festival itself was an incredible undertaking, involving family historians, local historians and others in making videos on their areas of expertise and contributing them to a rolling programme on YouTube. I suggest you have a look at all the great stuff that came out of it here:

AllAboutThatPlace on YouTube.

AllAboutThatPlace on Facebook.

Running under the name (and social media hashtag) AllAboutThatPlace, it brought together the Society of Genealogists, the Society for One-Place Studies, Genealogy Stories and the British Association for Local History.

My own involvement came about thanks to an invitation from Natalie Pithers of the Society of Genealogists (who also runs the excellent Genealogy Stories). She and I have previously talked Chartism and trade union history for her website.

At the very end of my online talk I suggested some online resources which might be of interest to people. In all honesty, almost anything about Chartism is going to include the story of the Newport Rising as it was such a pivotal event. But here are some places you might want to take a look.
A video: Celebrating Chartism: Newport 2016 can be found here on YouTube.

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